Services that work for YOU

If your work history is complex, high level, or non-traditional, you’ve come to the right place!

Explore how your professional background, skills, and interests connect to the current job marketplace.

Solutions for Students:

Deep dive into your unique background and personality to discover rewarding options for a major to pursue, an educational plan, and steps to take towards your goal including informational interviews and strategic internships.

Solutions for Professionals:

Career360 resumes can easily be customized to many different positions and include relevant keywords, metrics, and accomplishments. ATS compliant. No forms to fill out or questionnaires to complete and absolutely NO templates! ​​

Solutions for Career Changers:

When you're ready for a career change, you need clarity and self-awareness of how your professional background, innate abilities, strengths, skills, interests and value system relate to the current job marketplace.
Plan includes Highlands Abilities Battery, Career Direction, Resume Overhaul and Job Search Toolkit.