Story 4

Story 4

“Chelsea* came into my office, eager to rewrite her resume, and get started on her job search.

What transpired next happens All. The. Time.

ME: Ok, let’s get started working on your resume together, which position are we targeting?

CHELSEA: (super-excited) I can do anything!

ME: Anything?

CHELSEA: Yes! I’ve done sales, customer service, event planning, administrative work, and I used to teach. Please write me a general resume so I can apply to any position. ME: Yes, I believe that you can do any and all the above. You sound like a fantastic jack-of-all-trades. But when writing up your resume, you need to position yourself in alignment with what employers are asking for in their job posting. CHELSEA: (eyes glaze over) ME: Don’t worry, I’m here for you. We will write your initial resume and I’ll teach you how to customize your resume to focus on the specific position you would like to apply for. It’s really not so hard. You can do this!”

General resumes don't work. Let's work together to find your career focus. Contact me today.

Story 4

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