Story 1

Story 1

“Joe* had 10 years under his belt as an IT Project Manager, when he suddenly lost his job. It was a blow to his confidence.

His marriage was suffering and his lack of steady income was causing problems in all areas of his life. In his desperation to secure a job quickly, he had been submitting his old resume, with minor updates. But it clearly wasn’t working. He wasn’t getting called for any interviews. His job search was going nowhere fast.

Joe turned to me for guidance. We sat down together and took his traditional resume and threw it out the window. We started from scratch and crafted a modern, new resume that focused less on his past and more on his skills, expertise, and achievements that employers are seeking. And it worked like a charm.

Interview requests started flooding in and he called me with the best news of all–he landed a job he loves.

If Joe can do it, so can you. Contact me so we can give your resume the facelift.

Story 1

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