Hi! I’m Faige

(in case you’re wondering, it’s pronounced Fay-ghee). 

My life’s work is giving people the tools and the confidence to land their ideal job.

Over a decade of assisting job seekers, I have developed a proven method that includes:


This method allows you to…

About 31st_06

Gain Clarity

On your career goal

About 31st_08


how your transferable skills relate to the current job marketplace

About 31st_12

Secure more interviews

with a targeted resume

About 31st_16

Advance your career

to next level

About 31st_13


from one industry to another

I can also help you to identify your natural abilities and find a rewarding career path.

I work with all levels of clients, but my sweet spot is working with people
with complex backgrounds or non-linear work histories.

I thrive on challenges.

I can help YOU.

Why me?​

For the past 13 years, I worked as a Career Strategist and Professional Resume Writer, assisting job seekers from all walks of life with achieving their career goals. I have in-depth knowledge of almost every industry and have honed my talents to specialize in high-level, non-traditional, and complex cases. With an MBA in Marketing from Loyola University and Advertising coursework from Ryerson University, I apply my marketing skills into career and job search strategy.

In 2019, I trained to become a Highlands Certified Consultant to offer career assessments and career direction services. My unique strength is in integrating my in-depth knowledge of so many different fields to help people choose their careers wisely. To stay current with my industry, I maintain Associate level membership in Career Thought Leaders Consortium and participate in classes, calls and webinars. 



A Professional eager to get a promotion.
An Executive ready to advance to a higher salary or next-level of responsibility.
A Stay-at-Home-Mom ready to get jump back into the workforce.
A Student looking for your first real job.
A Career Changer, grappling with making an important move.
A Plain ‘Ole Job Seeker trying to figure out where to go next.

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