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Chances are you see yourself in one of these categories. Which one is most like you?

I have no idea what to choose for my major or which career to choose. Please help guide me!
I'm looking for a job so I can get experience, but I need experience to get a job. How do I break through this vicious cycle? I need help competing with experienced candidates so I can get my foot in the door.
I'm at the peak of my career but I'm ready for my next challenge.
I'm at the peak of my career but I'm ready for my next challenge(Ok, laid off). How do I put a career's worth of accomplishments onto paper? I need a professional to help me put together a resume that will land interviews. Oh, and can you make it fast? I have goals to accomplish.
I put my career on hold and am ready to jump back into the workforce, but my skills are obsolete. Where do I start?
I had a career. Once. Then I had to take off work because LIFE happens...kids... education...care giving, etc. I'm ready to get back in the workforce again. But is my experience still relevant? I want to contribute to my family's finances, I need guidance to figure out which positions I am suited for.
I’ve been in the same career for years and I need a change.
I still have a lot of years left to work and I want to make them count doing something I love. I only wish that I knew what that was! I do know that I can't start at the beginning again. I need to be able to transfer my skills into a new career.


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Let's narrow down your chosen career direction, revise your personal brand, and create a resume to showcase your talent.

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We assess your talents, gifts, and natural abilities to identify the career choices that are best suited for you.

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Everything you need to launch your career is right here! Career direction, education plan, LinkedIn profile, customizable cover letter and job search action plan.

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I highly recommend Faige for career direction, resumes and cover letters.

I was just beginning to look for a new job after working for the same organization for over 17 years. I had no idea where to start. Faige held my hand throughout the entire process. First we decided which kinds of jobs to pursue based on my expertise and background. Then she created a stunning resume that had employers calling me for every position I applied for! We worked together on cover letter technique and thank you notes. I couldn’t have done this alone. I highly recommend Faige for career direction, resumes and cover letters.

Ilana G.

She is a the Resume Whiz.

After looking for a job for a few months with no luck, I decided to get my resume professionally updated. Faige asked pointed questions and was able to create a resume that was clear, concise and a pleasure to read. As soon as I began using the new resume, calls for interviews starting rolling in, much more than with my old resume. I highly recommend using Faige. She is a the Resume Whiz. 

Jacob M.

Faige knew how to highlight what I can do for potential employers

I was the classic stay-at-home mom wanting to get back into the workforce–and it was hard because I didn’t have a lot of work experience…mostly volunteer positions, but Faige knew how to highlight what I can do for potential employers and make my background shine! 

Melissa S.

Excellent Service

I’m so impressed with my new resume! Faige was fast, friendly and professional. Excellent service.

Kate C.

I would strongly encourage Faige’s services

I would strongly encourage the Highlands Ability Battery exam for anyone considering a career change, or embarking on a professional career. It is an excellent tool for career exploration and in depth analysis of your inherent and learned work abilities. The test is highly accurate and its objectivity ranks high in comparison to other career or personality tests available.  Faige, did a masterful job, reviewing the results and providing concrete guidance on best next steps. 

Shulamis T.

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